Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Genre, The Victor, Flying Creatures!

Welcome to Worthy Fantasy! Where we strive to present to you fantasy worth reading and the whys and hows behind it! This week we are excited to bring you the following articles!

Interview with Marylayne Giron: Author of Worthy Fantasy The Victor

Mrs. Giron talks about her writing, path to publication, and more! Conducted by Seth Reid.

The Genre Part One: What Makes Fantasy Different?

The uniqueness of fantasy is revealed by Worthy Fantasy author Seth Reid.

The Genre Part Two: What is the Significance of Fantasy?

The significance, power, and purpose of fantasy is examined by Worthy Fantasy author Nathan R. Petrie

Dragons -vs- Warbirds
The advantages and disadvantages of these two creatures are discussed by Worthy Fantasy author Millardthemk

NOTE: We are currently working on a more organized system of providing this material to you. For now, just click the links above to go to the posts directly. Shortly we will have a regular schedule of posts that will provide organization and dependability for you, the reader.

-Nathan R. Petrie

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