Monday, May 10, 2010

Review-Keepers of Elenath

A dense silence hung over the mountainous land, shadowing it in heavy darkness. A great swath of fog drifted over the forest, and in it, the tall trees appeared to leap about in sinister forms. The moon hung high in the sky, a pale and wan form of what it had been in younger days, the days before Ermalan murdered the king and seized the throne of Anirum. The stars, which had once shone so brightly, were clouded with unnatural mist. A rider galloped on, scarcely heeding these signs of coming danger, for they had been prevalent during the last eleven years. It had been eleven years since Theon Sword arm the Second had been slain, and seven years since Ermalan the Black himself had been killed.
And so starts the journey. A journey of a life time. Political intrigue, sweeping scenery, and lovable characters characterized the book for me. Not to mention the mesmerizing way the action was written! Ms. Bradburn has a wonderful imagination, and an even better way of putting it to paper so even I, a reader that has a hard time picturing the scene, can still see the red eyes of a gamol. Plots run thick and fast in this book, making me consistently have to tear myself away from the book when real life beckons. Here are our main players and a few of the challenges they face:
A boy watches his king die and vows to become a knight. But as he grows older, his path instead is turned to helping an exiled prince. His job as the informer Wolf  is suddenly ended when the warning note is received. Flee the city and traitor to tell the prince his sister flees. And so he does, but not without injury. He received an arrow wound for his troubles. After riding for days he falls to the side of the road, no longer able to stay in the saddle as his wound continues to get worse, consciousness slowly leaves him. Yet, perhaps there are better things in store for this man. A stranger unseen intervenes on his behalf, and once more the job of a messenger to the prince is his, death is cheated of another victim. But even then, things lay ahead that will change his life forever.
Enduan, Prince of Anirum has choices to make, and army to fight, and his own army to save. What will he chose?  His love for his sister runs to his very core, but is she safe? He receives a note carried by an owl but where did the message come from?. It’s contents bring his cause to worry. His sister turned spy for her brother, and risking her life! A tyrant swears to destroy them both! What will the future bring? Will the choices he face ever get easier? Perhaps the care of his loved one is better left in the hands of another…
A princess is driven to great lengths to save her brother spying is a risky business. She escapes the city and journeys to her brother’s camp of war. The monotonous camp life should be a restful time for her. But a gamol attack pierces the air with their cries and of those defending. Is it true? Did they really come for her?  Keepers will rise up and she will join their ranks. Theloq Longbow is an elf. He is also determined to guard and train her. Which is a good thing, she is pretty stubborn too. The revealing of her heritage and apprenticeship to this living Keeper of the realm  would be hard enough, but what is it that Theloq thinks is so significant about her resisting the eyes of a gamol……? She has powers that are yet un-mined, and abilities untapped.  But do those include making him food and cleaning the cabin?
These are just a few of my favorite characters! Read the book to meet more of them, and find out the answers to all these questions and more! I loved the book J It was a masterful tale cast on the finest web of description and page turning, spell binding plot and action combo. The world really came alive for me, and the characters were as real as I am!! This book definitely deserves a good read, and I think, a spot on you shelf.

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  1. It sounds like a great tale! You've described it very vividly. It appears to be a unique book for its genre; not exactly an average fantasy story.



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