Thursday, July 8, 2010

Independence Day

I posted this on my FaceBook status last weekend on July 4th:
We've come a long way since July 4th, 1776. Things
have changed. War, communication, transportation. A word has been
used through the years: Progression.
But 'progression' isn't the only thing that's happened since that day.
Another word rings out: Separation.
...Separation from God. I do not believe
God has yet removed His hand from the USA-rather the opposite.
I believe one word needs to be said: Revival.

I wanted to expand on this topic.

We’ve come a long way since we gained our independence from England.  Many things have happened.  We’ve developed air travel and space travel.  We’ve also expanded to a country that stretches from one shore to another.  We’ve contributed to the invention of computers.
One word has been said many, many times as we’ve grown:  Progression.  We’ve progressed in many things.
However with progression we’ve progressed in one area that is far from a good thing.  We’ve progressed in separation from God.  Small towns-where everyone knows everyone is kind to them-are almost gone and we are being bombarded with issues such as abortion and ‘anti-war’ in a sense.
I believe one more word needs to be said and taken to heart:  Revival.
Revival in the church-the body of Christ being the body of Christ.
Revival in America as a whole-going back to the old way of standing for traditional values.
I love our the United States of America and have hope for it’s future.
“God bless the USA

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