Friday, October 8, 2010

Heroes, Again?

First, we'd like to say welcome back!  We're happy to be back after a summer break.  But we haven't been idle.  If you haven't already, go and take a look at the new team bios and meet the new team members.
Our last collection of articles included a theme of heroes.  We bring you a new collection of articles with that theme but also the theme of villains.  If I may be so bold, this one is new and improved with a better variety.  I encourage you to browse and comment on the below articles.

 Heroes-Villians. What's the difference?
Veteran member writer Millard discusses the differences, similarities and driving forces of heroes and villains alike.

The Heroes Death
New member EaglesWings writes about how the heroes death is important and how it effects a fantasy story as a whole.

What Makes a Villain
What's really behind the villain's actions?  What makes an evil villain?  Or a good villain, for that matter.

We hope you enjoy these articles as much as we enjoyed bringing them to you.  Be back in two weeks for our next batch of articles!

Worthy Fantasy Team

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