Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Hurrah! The news is finally here! Worthy Fantasy is re-booting and bringing you a whole lot of new book reviews, articles, interviews, etc.!  However, the way we're doing things now is going to be different. We'll be moving to a one-post-a-week format, giving our four authors a chance to serve up the best fantasy genre we possibly can. Those posts will only be reviews and articles for a couple months, we think. Also, our fantasy book reviews will no longer be just "Worthy Fantasy material." We will be posting reviews of fantasy books here that were previously posted on our respective blogs. Attribution will be made accordingly to whoever originally wrote the review. This will allow us to do more "guest posting" on our individual blogs, as well as host a few exceptional reviews (with permission) by those outside the team from time to time, on invite only. This will also help with author publicity, because we will be able to share the review with more people through different blogs. So, expect the posting to start this week! Thanks for holding while we reshuffle the team and get things back in order. Life has been crazy, but we're back on our feet! Thank you.


  1. Glad to see Worthy Fantasy back up and running! I look forward to the future!

  2. Thanks! We do too, looking forward to seeing future benefits :D

  3. Nice :) Just in time to follow :D


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