Monday, August 22, 2011

The Princess and the Goblin

Princess and the Goblin, by George MacDonald

Curdie is a young boy, trying to figure out what the goblins who live in his mining town are doing when he meets a seemingly insane eight year old. She claims she followed a string to him. A string that no one can see or feel; her grandmother- who doesn’t exist either-supposedly gave it to her. Curdie gets another surprise when he realizes this young girl is not a commoner but the princess.
Cons: The Princess and the Goblin by George MacDonald is a Christian allegory which portray the importance of being obedient, but yet seemed to be off in some areas. It deals with quite a few unnatural things and people. It also gives the idea that some people’s reality is different than other peoples’. In other words, if you think something exists, it does.
  I found the Princess and the Goblin tended to ramble in some areas, portray odd figures, and didn’t stick firmly to reality. But rather, flickered between the impossible, and the possible. It also blurred some lines between people who are disturbed and people who have extra abilities.
    Even though it was aimed for younger readers,the book seemed to drag and not have much conflict or plot almost as if there was quite a bit more the author planned on writing but never got around to it. Despite its length, it felt more like a short story than a novel.

Pros: I will give it that the author’s writing was excellent and superior to many award winning authors today and the characters were quite lovable, if a little flat. 
     And surprisingly, this novel contained no violence, swearing, or romance (With the exception of a kiss on the cheek). In fact, there was very little objectionable content in it. The main character is almost perfect: obedient, respectful, well mannered, and repentant for deeds wrongly done.

    The Princess and the Goblin lacked the excitement that novels nowadays contain, but still was a interesting story.
     In all it was a good read, but could have used more plot, explanation and conflict. But for a calming, undemanding read it was excellent. I would give the Princess and the Goblin a three out of five.

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